General course at University of Tsukuba:

"An Introduction to West Asian Civilization"

Fall semester of 2017
(AB module) 1B01101

*Taught in Japanese

In an effort to expand general knowledge a course ‘Introduction to West Asian Civilization’ will be offered in the fall term term of 2017. This course contains lectures on diverse topics such as West Asian Civilisation history, archaeology, linguistics and environment. The weekly lesson plan is as follows:

2017 Fall semester AB, Monday 10:10〜11:25, Room 1H101

Lecture title
Week 1, Oct 2 West Asian Civilization  Akira Tsuneki
Week 2, Oct 10 The natural environment of West Asia Ryo Anma
Week 3, Oct 16 The geology of West Asia Kenichiro Hisada
Week 4, Oct 23 West Asian prehistory  Yutaka Miyake
Week 5, Oct 30 Ancient West Asian language and characters  Jun IKeda
Week 6, Nov 13 The world of cuneiform documents Daisuke Shibata
Week 7, Nov 20 History and people in ancient West Asia Sigeo Yamada
Week 8, Dec 4 Conservation of cultural heritage in West Asia Taniguchi Yoko
Week 9, Dec 11 Looking at Palaeoenvironments using chemical analysis Teruyuki Maruoka
Week 10, Dec 18 Archaeology and contemporary society in West Asia TBA
Week 11, Dec 25 End of semester examination   Akira Tsuneki




Geological research on volcanic mountans by Ryo Anma will be croadcast on NHK program "Great Nature"

13 May 2017 (Sat) 19:30(NHK BS premium)